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The Neil Forbes debut CD The Talk of Paris Society is a 12-track journey into a strange yet powerful instrumental post-rock world.

It was conceived at the balmy height of the summer of 2005 and exploded into being in the fall of that same year. Some say it was a miracle.

01. The Earth Will Shake and The Mountains Crumble Into Heaps of Shifting Sand

02. Dorothy, I'm Not Quite Sure

03. Ten-Thousand Maddened Zaporozhye Cossacks

04. The Dangers in Mistaking Children with Angels

05. Who Am I If I'm Not Me?

06. Don't Go Hunting Buffalo With Twelve Men

07. Menace From The Bottom of The World

08. Don't Ever Tell Anybody Anything

09. Ten-Thousand Maddened Zaporozhye Cossacks (reprise)

10. What of These Noble Kings?

11. Children, It Is The Last Hour!

12. The Weapons, Opportunity and Motive